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KLORMAN SYSTEMS™ is a Division of Control Chemicals (est 1971), a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of water treatment, hygiene and swimming pool products based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since the early 1980’s we’ve innovated and developed a range of unique technologies based on dry chlorine blends, tablets and dispensing systems. We offer our the market a ‘boutique’ solution to chlorine-based disinfection

We specialise in:

Calcium Hypochlorite Solutions for:

Organic (cyanurate-based) Chlorine Solutions for:

  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Food Contact Surfaces & Equipment
  • Emergency Drinking Water

    We also have operational divisions in the USA and Australia and our client base includes major NGOs, Governments, Intercontinental Retailers as well as major Military Institutions.

  • Environmental Hygiene
    Post Harvest Meat and Fish Production
    Fresh Food Disinfection Animal Pens
    Sewerage Effluent Irrigation
    Livestock Water Waste/ Effluent Water
    Turf Care Pre-Harvest Protection
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