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Q: What makes calcium hypochlorite (‘calhypo’) different?

A: Commercial chlorine is extracted from salt (NaCl), but the resulting gas (Cl²) is highly toxic and volatile. To make it safe for everyday use the gas is blended with various chemical carriers – eg in household bleach the carrier is sodium-based, in calhypo the carrier is calcium-based.

Q: Aren't all chlorine compounds the same when dissolved in water?

A: No. Chlorine is just a building block used to create other useful compounds (eg vinyls, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants). Different chlorine compounds display different properties depending on the inert residues they leave behind, either in solution or on surfaces. The decision on which chlorine type is best depends on the nature of its carrier/residue.

Q: What residues does calhypo leave behind?

A: At optimal water pH Calhypo forms the active oxidising disinfectant Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and calcium and sodium salts which are non-hazardous, non-phytotoxic (does not damage living plant tissue) and not problematic for humans or the environment. This makes Calhypo is the safest, most versatile chlorine-based disinfectant on the market.

Q: What is 'optimal pH' for calhypo?

A: We recommend pH 6.5 - 7.5. At these levels calhypo is effective as both disinfectant and oxidiser for the control of viruses and bacteria as well as the oxidation of protein biofilm and other organic waste. Calhypo is more effective and less corrosive than liquid bleach, and more economical (and safer) than chlorine dioxide (see comparison chart).

Q: If calhypo is so effective and versatile, why has it not been used more widely?

A: Until relatively recently Calhypo has only been available in granular form, which is difficult to apply due to its high solubility. The lack of effective, well designed dispensing systems has also limited its utility in specialised applications. But this is changing fast.
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