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Irrigation water disinfection faces 3 main challenges:
  • Few chemicals can be used safely & economically
  • The technical nature of irrigation systems
  • Water volume (very high/very low)
Because calhypo is the only pH-stable, non-phytotoxic chlorine disinfectant that is also residue-free. It is also documented to promote plant health by reinforcing the outer cell walls of foliage and root systems.
General Irrigation
  • High volume irrigation/fertigation (Reservoir Based)
  • Medium & Micro volume (In line)
  • Hydroponics (In line)
Fertigation requires a disinfection method known as ‘chloramination’ However, chloramination requires strict control over dosing levels. Elevated levels of chloramines are phytotoxic and harmful to root and foliar systems
Environmental Hygiene
Post Harvest Meat and Fish Production
Fresh Food Disinfection Animal Pens
Sewerage Effluent Irrigation
Livestock Water Waste/ Effluent Water
Turf Care Pre-Harvest Protection
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