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A New Approach to Foliar Disease Prevention

"Under normal circumstances healthy organisms are capable of protecting themselves against most external biological attacks. Only a compromised organism or extraordinary circumstances may result in natural defences being breached."

Using this as the basis for our research, and rather than follow the conventional wisdom that rot-causing organisms are "pathogens", Hypochlor Systems considers them for what they are: saprophytes living off a compromised host. Calcium hypochlorite is known to strengthen the outer cuticle of leafy foliage by fortifying the calcium bonds in the cell wall. Independent field experiments with a proprietary formulation not only proved this theory, but delivered ground breaking results.
Our Hydrogro™ blend will:

  • Significantly Reduce Pesticide Costs
  • Promote Crop Yield & Profit
  • Extend Shelf Life
For more information: info@conchem.co.za

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